Solar Batteries

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Some equipment has to stay on 24/7/365. Freezers, refrigerators, security systems, furnaces, air conditioners, oxygen compressors, etc., are vital for your comfort, health, and safety. Solar batteries ensure these critical systems always have the steady and stable flow of electricity they need to perform the operations you require.

solar battery installation

It depends on the home, but most homeowners in the area find that a 5kW solar battery provides sufficient electricity for their needs. 

Solar panels don’t produce much electricity when it’s cloudy or at night, even when powerful LED and other lights are pointed at them. However, if they are connected to a solar battery, the unused energy collected during the day is stored and used when it is cloudy or during the evening.

There are three types of batteries used in solar battery systems. Traditional lead acid batteries are very similar to those used in automobiles. These are designed to provide reliable energy storage for anywhere between 3-20 years. There are also lithium batteries that have long life cycles and high discharge and recharge rates. And, while less efficient, many systems use NICAD batteries or NIFE batteries. 

Solar batteries are designed to be practically maintenance-free. Most require little more than gentle cleaning and regular inspections. 

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