Commercial Solar Installation

large commercial building with solar panels

Looking for the advantage solar power can bring to your commercial property?

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  • Reputation: Consumers and investors are increasingly concerned with how climate-friendly companies are. Going solar can help improve your reputation for being environmentally conscious.
  • Independence: Generating your own electricity frees you from rising electricity costs, making it easier to budget. If you produce excess energy, you can even sell it back to the utility company.
  • Reliability: If you choose a solar energy system that offers storage in solar batteries, you’ll still have access to your energy when the aging grid system loses power due to weather or other events.

Your solar energy system may also be eligible for federal tax credits, making now the best time to invest in this upgrade.

commercial solar installation

Meeting the Challenges of Commercial Solar

Many DC solar installers are wary of taking on commercial projects because of their complexity compared to residential installations. Here are a few challenges Revolution Solar has solved during our time serving the city:

·        Building styles: Our design process considers the commercial building’s unique style, ensuring our plans don’t detract from any notable features, and blend in as seamlessly as possible.  

·        Building size: From smaller retail buildings to sprawling office parks, we have the knowledge and skill to tackle projects of any scale with the utmost efficiency.

·        Roof variations: Unlike homes, many of DC’s commercial buildings have different angles and pitches of roof, so we take care to fully maximize roof space for optimum energy generation efficiency.

·       Commercial permits process: Commercial solar installations require a more rigorous permitting process, which we’ve streamlined to get your projects going faster than our competitors.

·        Space constraints: We understand that space is at a premium in DC, so we do everything we can to ensure our commercial solar installations are well-organized and completed on time to minimize disruption for the businesses and organizations we work with.

Revolution Solar is fully aware of the challenges that can derail a solar installation in the DC area, and we address those challenges from the first step through the completion of the project.

For the utmost professionalism, consideration, and skillful implementation of your building’s solar energy installation, call Revolution Solar at (202) 827-6527 or contact us online today.

Industries We Serve

·        Embassies

·        Multi-family real estate

·        Churches

·        Government buildings

·        Public transportation & bus stops

Ready to reap the benefits of solar on your commercial property? Call Revolution Solar at (202) 827-6527 or contact us online to start your journey toward energy independence.