A house with light-colored siding and solar panels on its roof

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar panels are generating more energy and buzz than ever, with homeowners adopting the technology at an increasing pace due to stacked incentives and a …

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Revolution Solar van outside of brick home with solar panels ready for installation

What Happens to My Solar Panels if I Need Roof Replacement?

When choosing solar panel installation, many homeowners forget to consider how it will impact their roof and what happens if the roof requires replacement in …

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Two houses with solar panels on the roof and clouds in the sky

How Much Sun Do Solar Panels Need?

Some DC residents are surprised at how many solar panels they’ve seen around the District in the past few years, but the area is actually …

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installing solar panels on home

Here’s How Long It Takes To Install Solar Panels at Your Home

A home solar installation can take a few months to half a year from start to finish. Although installing rooftop solar panels takes one or …

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Solar panels with snow

Will My Solar Panels Work in the Snow?

The prospect of unlimited clean energy from the sun is enticing for homeowners interested in installing solar panels, but one key question often holds people …

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sun setting over solar panel installation

Do Solar Panels Improve Home Value?

As technology improves and systems become more efficient, more homeowners are looking to alternative forms of energy to power their households. Solar power is an …

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An array of solar panels installed on a roof

The Best Places To Install Your Solar Panels

If you’re one of the many Maryland and DC homeowners interested in the benefits of solar energy, you likely know that the design of your …

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residential solar panel installation on roof of home.

Can Solar Panels Power My Home’s Appliances?

When homeowners consider installing a solar energy system, one of the top questions is whether the system will power appliances and how many panels are …

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A house with light-colored siding and solar panels on its roof

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Solar power is picking up steam across Washington, DC, and Maryland as homeowners learn more about how solar energy systems benefit them. One barrier preventing …

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