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What Happens to My Solar Panels if I Need Roof Replacement?

When choosing solar panel installation, many homeowners forget to consider how it will impact their roof and what happens if the roof requires replacement in the future. Because solar panels can last decades while the average roof lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 years, it’s important to know how a roof replacement works when you have a solar panel system installed.

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Solar Panels Will Need To Be Removed for Roof Replacement

The main thing to know is that to replace your roof, you must have your solar panels removed. Most importantly, this is not a job for the roofers as they won’t have the required training or equipment to remove the panels. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with the installers of your solar panels to remove them before the roof replacement is done, and afterward to re-install the panels.

Does Removing Solar Panels Damage a Roof?

If roofers attempt to remove solar panels, it’s likely they may cause structural damage to the roof that goes beyond the components you’re replacing. There are a series of steps involved in solar panel removal, including:

  • Disconnecting the circuit from the electric grid and breakers
  • Taking the panels’ inverters off
  • Removing panels from their individual mountings
  • Removing mountings, cables, and wires

That’s why it’s essential to have a solar company remove the panels before giving roofers the go-ahead to complete roof replacement.

Can I Get a Tax Credit for a New Roof & Solar Installation?

For those interested in solar energy, getting solar panels and a new roof installed simultaneously is a good option. Homeowners should investigate the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, which can reach up to 30% of the roofing cost and a qualifying solar energy system.

Revolution Solar is happy to help prospective solar panel owners determine what type of system and roofing are required to qualify for these important incentives.

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