Solar Energy Systems in Arlington, VA

solar panels getting installed on rooftop

Many Arlington residents are surprised that it’s a great place to switch to solar energy. The city gets enough yearly sun that installing solar panels can power refrigerators, washers and dryers, TVs, and more — and commercial properties also benefit from the investment.

For those interested in adding solar energy to a home or business, Revolution Solar is Virginia’s installer of choice.

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Residential Solar Installation for Arlington Homes

Rooftop solar energy systems are becoming a common sight in Arlington as homeowners learn more about the benefits of the investment. Solar energy is a smart option for homeowners who want to:

  • Mitigate or eliminate the use of expensive grid energy
  • Increase the value of their home
  • Sell excess energy back to the local grid
  • Earn a tax exemption for the increased home value of installing solar panels

With weakening infrastructure, increasing energy costs, and an unpredictable housing market, solar is a great way for Arlington homeowners to save money and build value.

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Solar Roof Decks, Patios & Pergolas

With solar, you’re not just limited to rooftop or ground-mounted systems. To make the best use of your space, consider these alternative options:

  • Solar rooftop decks: If you have a flat roof, a rooftop deck will improve both form and function.
  • Solar pergolas: If you have a large enough empty space in your backyard, a solar pergola is a stand-alone structure that generates power.
  • Solar patios: Adding solar panels to your patio helps power your home while extending your living space with a shady area.

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