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The Best Places To Install Your Solar Panels

If you’re one of the many Maryland and DC homeowners interested in the benefits of solar energy, you likely know that the design of your solar panel array needs to be pitch-perfect for you to get the greatest return on your investment. A lot goes into professional planning for solar energy systems, and a significant factor is the location and angle of your solar panels.

Here are the basics you need to know about optimal solar panel orientation.

Solar Panel Placement & Roof Pitch

Most people choose a rooftop solar system because they’re the most widely available, and it’s space that they don’t otherwise use. The ideal placement for solar panels is on a roof that faces true south. That said, if you don’t have a roof that faces true south, it’s possible to compensate by adding more panels or larger panels on your roof’s west or east side or on racks that allow the panels to face south.

Solar panels typically work best at an angle of 0 to 40 degrees, meaning they work on a wide variety of roof pitches. Some people even choose panels that adjust to absorb the most energy based on seasonal sunlight hours.

Your solar installer can quickly determine the optimal panel type and placement to maximize the power you can generate from your roof.

Alternative Placement for Your Solar Panels

When a rooftop system isn’t ideal, you can still benefit from solar panels mounted elsewhere.

Solar Ground Mounts

We can mount solar panels on the ground if you have unused space in your backyard. These adjustable ground-mount panels are easy to install and just as efficient as rooftop systems.

Solar Patios, Pergolas & Decks

You can add solar panels to existing structures that aren’t rooftops. For example, if you have a rooftop deck, you have a great opportunity to install solar panels. A patio is also an excellent option for solar panel installation, and solar pergolas offer extra functional shade and power production.

Frequently Asked Solar Panel Questions

Can solar panels work in the shade?

Yes, although shade from clouds, trees, or nearby structures will reduce efficiency somewhat.

Do solar panels work at night?

Solar panels don’t capture light or produce energy at night, but energy captured during the day can be used anytime.

Do solar panels damage roofs?

With a structurally sound roof and proper planning and installation from a top solar company like Revolution Solar, there’s little to no risk of solar panels damaging your roof.

Trust Revolution Solar for Your Solar Power

At Revolution Solar, we understand that every part of the process is equally critical to your energy system’s success. From sourcing a top-of-the-line product selection to designing and installing your system, we aim to harness innovation and passion for independent energy and deliver it to you in a streamlined process with exceptional customer support.

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