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Here’s How Long It Takes To Install Solar Panels at Your Home

A home solar installation can take a few months to half a year from start to finish. Although installing rooftop solar panels takes one or two days, the rest of the process, such as getting permits and inspections, can take up to two months — but only if you work with a proactive and experienced company like Revolution Solar.

Solar Panel Installation Process

The process begins when you choose a reputable, experienced company. The solar panel installation process can take up to six months with the wrong solar contractors. Once you’ve decided on a solar company, they’ll open a client file and write a contract.

Contract & Signature

You’ll schedule a site assessment about a week after carefully reading and signing your contract. Your solar installers will take measurements of your roof and note any upgrades or repairs that must be done before installation. The assessment gives solar engineers the data they need to create a building plan that adheres to local codes.

Permits & Applications

After you approve the building plan, your city government and local utility company must approve it. Submitting the plan and other application paperwork is required to obtain building permits. This tends to be the most time-intensive step in the process; it can take as many as four months without a streamlined plan. Revolution Solar has a streamlined, standard method that reduces that time to about 10 days.

Installation & Connection

Once permit applications are approved, installation is scheduled. Installing the solar panels should take less than two days. But then you must wait for a meter to be installed to measure the power you take from and sell into the grid. This may require getting permission for your solar company to install and connect a new meter or waiting for your local utility company to do it themselves, if that’s what’s required.

Final Connection

Once the final connection between the new meter and the system is inspected, your solar installers will make any final adjustments required by the inspection. Then they’ll walk you through turning on and using your system.


Once your solar panels are up and running, you’ll want data on your system’s performance and what that means for you. Revolution Solar will ensure your solar power system works as it should and provides a good return on investment.

Schedule Your Solar Panel Installation

Revolution Solar is your local, family-owned solar company that values extraordinary customer service. Our streamlined engineering and permit process allows us to install faster and better than other companies. We have the expertise and resources of a large company, and yet you can count on us like family friends.

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