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Will My Solar Panels Work in the Snow?

The prospect of unlimited clean energy from the sun is enticing for homeowners interested in installing solar panels, but one key question often holds people back: How will snow affect solar energy production? In areas like Washington, DC, where snow isn’t unusual in the winter, a solar energy system is still a smart investment — we’ll explain why.

Light Snow May Not Be an Issue

Solar panels need sun exposure to generate energy, but sunlight can reach the panels through many levels of snowy conditions. Additionally, the typical light snow showers in DC are not enough to block your panels for long. Typically, light snow will blow or melt away on its own, causing little to no disruption to your energy production.

Do I Need To Remove Snow from My Solar Panels?

When a bigger storm blows through and deposits larger drifts of snow, you’ll likely wonder if you need to do anything to remove it. Attempting to remove snow from your solar panels is dangerous and ultimately unnecessary.

Your solar panel racking will usually be angled at 30 to 45 degrees, and the panels themselves are made of reflective glass. These two factors mean snow will melt or slide off in all but the worst conditions before it can affect your energy production.

Solar Panels in Winter Weather

Many DC homeowners are skeptical that solar panels work well in colder climates, but there’s plenty of evidence that they do. You can find vast solar arrays in places including Alaska and even research stations in Antarctica.

Surprisingly, snow on the ground on a clear day will reflect more sunlight onto solar panels in a process called the “albedo effect.” Additionally, today’s solar panels are more technologically advanced than ever, allowing them to produce more energy in less sunlight.

Schedule Your Solar Power Installation With Revolution Solar

Washington, DC, homeowners are flocking to solar energy systems, and Revolution Solar is making it happen. We design rooftop solar systems and alternative options like solar pergolas to maximize your space and soak up as much sun as possible, even in unpredictable winter weather.

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