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Why You Should Install Solar in DC

Solar energy is reaching new heights in popularity for homeowners in Washington, DC. Though the District is on the slower side of solar adoption, more DC residents are realizing that the combination of energy savings and sustainability is a winning one, and more homeowners than ever are turning to DC solar installers like Revolution Solar to take advantage of the District’s 200+ days of sunshine each year.

Let’s look at how solar energy systems are benefiting DC homeowners like you.

Installing Solar Power in Washington, DC Has Many Benefits to Homeowners

There are plenty of reasons to go solar beyond wanting to make a positive environmental impact. Homeowners who install a solar energy system in DC reap the following benefits:

  • Reduced reliance on the aging energy grid
  • Significant reduction or even elimination of usage charges on electric bills
  • Increased property value
  • An average payback period of just over 4.5 years

Rooftop solar panel installation is a smart investment that will pay for itself and cut down your costs. On top of that, solar panels are built to last — with reputable manufacturers offering warranties up to 25 years or more.

Incentives for Installing Solar in DC

The explosive growth of solar in DC over the last 10 years is partially due to the District’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, which includes a commitment to running on 100% renewable energy by 2032. Incentives for installing a solar energy system in DC include:

  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs): Homeowners can earn income from solar energy by selling SRECs to local utilities. You get one SREC per megawatt-hour of electricity your panels generate, so the more panels you have, the more income you can earn.
  • Property tax credit: DC’s Solar Energy System and Cogeneration System Property Tax Credit exempts you from paying property taxes on the value added to your home with a solar installation.
  • Low-income options: The Solar Advantage Plus Program gives qualified applicants rebates of up to $10,000 to pay for the installation of a 3kW to 4kW system.

Plus, homeowners can still take advantage of the federal Investment Tax Credit. If you buy your system outright in 2022, the credit can reduce the cost by 26%. You can still take the credit in 2023, but the amount will be reduced to 22% — so the time to act is now.

Start Your Journey With Revolution Solar

Revolution Solar is DC’s leading solar installer, thanks to our dedication to industry-best installation, trustworthy products, and exceptional customer service. Our comprehensive workmanship warranty combined with manufacturer guarantees results in systems our customers can trust to generate value and clean energy for decades to come.

Contact the industry experts at Revolution Solar today to learn more about starting the switch to solar in DC.

Call (202) 827-6527 or contact us online to get answers to your questions and take the first steps toward energy independence.

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